Why BE?

Complete your teaching and take the leap into the 21st Century

Why BE?

Complete your teaching
to take the leap into the 21st Century

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Our Vision

To empower educational institutions with the tools to accelerate their 21st Century Competency/ soft skill initiatives.

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Our Goal

Universal access to impactful 21st Century Competency initiatives.

3 Pillars of Success

3 Pillars of Success

Forward Looking

Scientifically Validated

Strong team of experts

Meet the team behind BE's magic!

Bernardo Teixeira Motta


Bernardo Teixeira Motta is co-founder, board member and CEO at Beyond Education. He has extensive experience in establishing companies from start to finish. He is passionate about education and preparing the next generations for new professional and personal challenges. He holds an MBA from Madrid-based IE Business School.

Michaela Horvathova

Chief Education Officer

Michaela Horvathova is co-founder, board member and Chief Education Officer at Beyond Education. She is an international education expert with extensive global experience in curriculum design, 21st century competencies and innovative learning practices. She holds a Master’s Degree in International Education Policy from Harvard University.

Dr. Nathan Roberson

Chief Research Officer

Dr. Nathan Roberson works to advance diverse research methods to support teaching and learning in support of holistic educational research. His research focuses on social indicators of well-being and the creation of innovative metrics to inform public policy. He is passionate about philosophy and educational activism. Dr. Roberson has a PhD in Measurement, Evaluation, and Research Methodology from the University of British Columbia. When not engaged in research, you’ll find Nathan climbing or flying from a mountain, or weaving magic in the forests.

Rouxbin Smit

Editorial & Community Manager

Rouxbin Smit is a South African that is deeply passionate about human rights, specializing on Africa, and believes that investing in youth through education is a powerful means to create a more just society. After leading workshops on 21st Century Skills with high-school and university students and being a community leader in those groups, he is extremely excited to continue this work in BE with more students. They hold a Master’s Degree in International Development (concentrations: Human Rights & Africa) from SciencesPo, Paris.

Thaiane Pereira

Head of Operations

Thaiane Pereira has experience working to strengthen education systems in more than 25 countries in Latin America, Europe, Africa, and Asia. She worked with schools, state departments, ministries, and in international organizations to propose recommendations, designing, implementing, and evaluating education policies. Her experiences are mostly focused on curriculum reforms, youth policies, and the development of 21st century skills. She holds a master's degree in public Affairs from Sciences Po.

Júlia Geraldes

Operations Manager

Júlia is a teacher who believes that education is the way to change the world. Júlia holds a bachelor’s degree in biology with teacher training and is currently working on her postgraduate degree in project management. After working as a biology teacher at Brazilian public schools, she worked on teacher training courses, content development for teachers, and product and project management in education. She is extremely curious and loves sports.

Luis Felipe Martinez

Curriculum Designer

Felipe has several years of experience in teaching, research and quantitative methods
constant interest to learn more. His interests lie in teaching, education research, and the development of 21st century skills. He holds a degree International Education Policy from the Harvard Graduate School of Education with focus on teacher policy, quantitative methods, and action research.

A proven approach

A proven approach

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