The Research

With the 1st scientifically validated soft skills assessment in the world, Beyond Education’s holistic suite of solutions enables schools to make data-driven decisions that lead to increased learning outcomes, more effective educational programs, and improved financial results.

To thrive in the 21st Century,
students have to master the 4 dimensions of learning.

Most schools focus on the knowledge Dimension. Yet, there are 12 Competencies that make up the other 3 Dimensions (Skills, Character, and Meta-Learning) necessary for all people to adapt and thrive in a changing world.

The Competency Compound Inventory of 21st Century Skills (CCI-21)

BE created a research-based model, the CCI-21, to provide a scientifically validated instrument to measure students’ 12 Competencies using an online- assessment.

Main Characteristics

Aligned to Key Dimensions

Aligned to key dimensions of other international frameworks including PISA and social-emotional frameworks such as CASEL.

Strength-Based Approach

Adopts a strength-based approach to encourage students and schools to advance their strongest Competencies and to use their strengths to support the development of less-developed Competencies.

Contextual Differences

Accounts for contextual differences of students by considering demographics and self-report, social desirability.

Robust Scientific Underpinning


Scale, dimension, and items. Student levels are age-calibrated


Convergent validity was shown with other key measures and items are aligned to other international frameworks


Psychometric properties are considered reliable and assessed independently on each language

Read more about the scientific basis in our published papers below:

Developing 21st Century Competencies among Youth through an Online Learning Program: BE a Global Citizen

Psychometric Properties of the Competencies Compound Inventory for the Twenty-First Century

A Case Study of 21st Century Cognitive, Social and Emotional Competencies Using Online-Learning