21st Century Competency Assessment

The Market Leader

Top schools and educational groups have identified BE as the best in the industry. Our assessment focuses on a personalized & efficient impact while being easily implementable in any educational institution.

In this ever-changing Age of AI, academic knowledge alone is not enough.

It’s time to embrace the potential of 21st Century Competencies; empowering students to conquer the challenges of tomorrow!

Unveil the 12 Core Competencies: Creativity, Leadership, Mindfulness, Communication, Growth Mindset, Courage, Ethics, Collaboration, Metacognition, Critical Thinking, Curiosity, and Resilience — these are the cornerstones of tomorrow’s leaders.

Education is so much wider than academic outcomes. Our innovative 21st Century Competency assessment is the long-overdue paradigm shift that bridges the gap between traditional schooling and the demands of tomorrow.

Easy Implementation
Don’t wait for tomorrow; act today. With a simple yet adaptable implementation process, your students can be assessed with a quick 30-minute assessment and you will receive 3 reports.

The Research Page

Our research-based assessment is not just a fancy tool; it’s a game-changer. Developed by experts in education, our 21st Century Competency Assessment is scientifically validated, sensitive at all levels, and reliable. Embrace the cutting-edge!

3 Key Reports

Network Report

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Additional analysis and local, regional, and international benchmarking for Educational stakeholders (MoE, education groups, school networks, etc.)

Individual Report

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Individualized results on each of the 12 Competencies on students’ strongest and most improvable Competencies.

School Report

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Aggregated comparison reports that compare key demographics and grades to inform pedagogical approaches to advance all 3 Dimensions of learning. Results can be provided at a single point in time for baseline understanding or as a longitudinal comparison of student change.