Why should your child learn with BE?

For Children Aged 13 – 18

The Basics: What & How Students Learn


21st Century Competencies

BE Future Ready. Did you know that 85% of the jobs in 2030 do not exist yet? These competencies specifically target building a capacity for students to be prepared for what we can't anticipate. We offer a multitude of programs that target different competencies: on average each program develops 3 competencies & 12 sub-competencies.

Research Based Curriculum & Assessment

BE Limitless. Be limitless. Our internationally acclaimed pedagogy and research team ensures that the activities your child will be doing are the most relevant to their needs and aligned to a holistic growth in their capabilities to think critically, communicate effectively, collaborate with others, solve problems, lead ethically and many others.

Dedicated Platform

BE the Solution. The BE Platform makes the activities fun to complete and empowers your child to find answers that schools don't provide. The BE Platform links your child to our passionate team of community buddies that are always there to support them.
Creativity: to be able to come up with ideas and implement actions that are both new and useful.
Critical Thinking: to be able to solve problems, make decisions and learn new things using logic and reasoning.
Communication: to be able to listen actively, understand others and express clearly and precisely knowledge and ideas.
Collaboration: be a solid part of a group activity or/and project with the will to create and maintain a shared understanding of a problem.
Mindfulness: to be able to be in the present moment, being aware of their own state as well as the state of the world.
Curiosity: to be in love with learning, understanding and intellectual exploration.
Courage: to be able to accomplish aims and goals no matter what potential constraints, consequences or oppositons.
Resilience: to be able to deal with changes, ambiguity and challenges that various situations or experiences present, appropriately.
Ethics: to be able to live and make decisions based on a strong system of moral principles, such as respect, equality, honesty, etc.
Leadership: to be able to set goals for oneself and others in order to accomplish a positive change.
Metacognition: to be able of recognizing own skills, behaviors, knowledge and ways of learning.
Growth Mindset: to be able to strongly believe that you can always learn, grow, and improve yourself.

Twin Track Program Structure

Individual Track

12 Sessions to complete in 8 Weeks.  Every session is linked to a different sub-competency. Each week has its allocated sessions and although we nudge and support students to complete a week’s sessions by the end of the week, it is up to them to find time and complete the sessions. We will always support students on their journey and help them catch up when necessary.

Group Work

Group Track

We are really proud of connecting students to an international student network (from South Africa to Colombia, Slovakia, the UAE and even more) who they closely work with to build projects aligned with their program choice. BE Community Buddies help facilitate some group sessions, which culminates in the Grand Finale of the program and gives students space to present their projects in front of a jury.

Program Selection

Our Students

South Africa
Czech Republic, France, Italy, Portugal, Slovakia

What does your child receive?

Full Assessment

We have a dedicated research team to ensure the tools we use is both theory and empirically driven. For theory, it is based on current scientific literature on educational, social, & children’s psychology as well as on science & computer learning. As for the empirical aspect, it is based on interviews with teachers, Heads of School, and of course, with children. All that so that your child receives a personalized, accurate assessment and development of their 21st Century Competencies.

Assessment visual report


Students who complete the program are awarded with a certificate that does more than give credit for completing the program. It has a summary of the competencies your child has developed, that empowers them to take pride in their achievement and use the certificate in their future careers or university applications.


Every program comes with a competition, where students are rewarded individually for their engagement in work sessions and challenges and in a group context for their collective project. At the end of the program, students stand a chance to win prizes ranging from a new iPhone to an opportunity to implement their theoretical group project in the world.

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