12 Competencies

Creativity Leadership Mindfulness Communication Growth Mindset Courage Ethics Collaboration Metacognition Critical Thinking Curiosity Resilience

Empower your students with the skills
they will need to unlock their future

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With a new generation comes new challenges


of your students
will be doing jobs
that don’t yet exist

(OECD Education 2030 Report)


of job success
depends on
soft skills

(Harvard University, the Carnegie Foundation
and Stanford Research Center)


of the students
feel they don’t fit in
schools anymore

(OECD Survey on Social and Emotional
Skills, 3000 15 year old students)

The challenge is now how your students will use the knowledge they have learnt from your school to face, behave, and adapt in a constantly changing world!

By revealing their transferrable competencies, Beyond Education offers you the ultimate solution.

The ultimate solution to reveal the 21st century competencies

Beyond Education offers the chance to complete your teaching with 2 complimentary online tools
that evaluate and develop the 21st century competencies - the so called "soft skills"
your students will need to face their future.

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The Competency Calculator

Reveal your students' strengths

Our research-based assessment is
the first reliable and validated tool to evaluate
the 21st century competencies of your students.

The Programs

Complete your teaching

In addition to your teaching,
our programs adapt to every student
and propose them to connect with
a whole international community of learners.

12 Competencies to improve

Both online tools are built to measure and improve
the 12 Competencies that compliment the knowledge that schools provide.

Our Proven Approach


Our experts in education have designed sensitive, validated, and published tools thanks to years of research and is based on the most innovative educational models worldwide


We believe that community is essential to go beyond your students individual learning. That is why our programs are designed with individual work, based on interactive content, and group work, based on design thinking and our international community students


Scientific journals have published our research papers validating our 2 tools (The Competency Calculator & The Programs)


Students have tested and contributed to make our tools perfectly valid with a demonstrated impact before launching


Youth Board & BE Ambassadors


Recommendation rate


Satisfaction rate

Many schools around the world
have already made the leap

Student Testimonials

Beyond Education completes your teaching
by revealing your students' essential competencies
so that they can unleash their full potential
for school, work, and life!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to develop the 21st century competencies?

Because tomorrow is full of uncertainty, because the world is changing faster than anything before, and the knowledge alone is not enough to thrive in the 21st century. In this world, it’s more and more important to have competencies or skills that can be used in all situations. Those competencies are easily transferable from one project to another, from one job to another, and throughout your life.

How is Beyond Education different from other online program?

The idea of Beyond Education is not to teach you knowledge you have to learn by heart. It’s about experiencing online projects, alone or with the international community, in order to improve skills or competencies essential for your whole life. It’s about changing your approach of problems, it’s about giving you the power to change the world, whatever your projects or field of expertise.

How will I know if my students have improved on their soft skills?

Thanks to our Competency Calculator, the first validated assessment on 21st century competencies worldwide, your students can evaluate their level before and after taking our programs and see their progress.

What is the time commitment?

We know that you have school and a lot of activities in addition of Beyond Education. That is why, we have designed each of our program in order to take you no more than 2 hours a week during 2 months. Of course, you have the liberty to spend more time per week to finish one program in one month or on the contrary, to spend 2 hours a month… It’s up to you!

Will these programs give students an edge for college applications?

All of our programs will help your students to build solid foundations in selected soft skills, not only for their college (no matter what speciality they will choose) but for the rest of their life. They will gain better understanding of themselves in order to make more aligned and informed choices for their future. All the programs offer a resume-boosting certificate that can help your students stand out to admissions officers.

Are these programs right for students new to leadership, entrepreneurship,...?

This program is designed for students of all competency levels. Students will be invited to follow the individual track activities, and depending on their age, will need to choose a corresponding track with age appropriate content. Your students will unlock 6 competencies on average in a 2-week program.

What are the technical requirements for this program?

In order for your students to participate, they will need a computer, webcam, and stable internet connection with access to Zoom video conferencing. Curriculum will be delivered through LMS and Dreamshaper platform.

What are the technical requirements for this program?

In order for your students to participate, they will need a computer, webcam, and stable internet connection with access to Zoom video conferencing. Curriculum will be delivered through LMS and Dreamshaper platform.

How will my students receive their certificates?

After completing Individual Track sessions, a beautiful certificate at no additional cost in the name you used when registering for the program is automatically generated and one can download it as a PDF to save for college application.

Who will be teaching these programs?

The online workshops are facilitated by “Community Buddies” – trained instructors of Beyond Education, who are educators with previous experience in teaching. The content of Group and Individual Track sessions is exclusive and rich. It’s a proprietary curriculum of Beyond Education, proven to develop soft-skills through our research. Students will learn the same methods and best practices taught to business undergrads, MBAs, and business leaders.

Is there an English language prerequisite to participate?

Students who enrol in our programs must be able to speak, understand and read English to an Intermediate/Upper Intermediate/Advanced English level.

What if finally my students can not participate in the program?

If you cancel 2 weeks before the start of the program, you will be reimbursed at full price. After the beginning of the program, neither cancellation, nor refunds are possible.

What time will the facilitated sessions take place?

Our online group work facilitated sessions will usually take place from 1PM / 2PM UTC each day (except weekends). This is in order to best accommodate students from as many time zones as possible onto our courses, resulting in a truly global classroom.

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