Enrollment Competition

Hi There!

So you want to be the next owner of some cool gadgets like an iPhone, iPad, AirPods Pro, Apple Watch, or more?

Get as many of your friends/ students to join and finish one of our 8 week programs.

The rules are pretty simple.

Spread the word about the program.

Be sure to tell them that they have to put down your First and Last Name as well as your email address in the referral section when they sign up. This is how we will track how big your influence is. 

Encourage them to finish by doing activities together, checking how they’re doing, or setting goals together (but don’t worry, we’ll help out with that too through our student community on Instagram and the engaging learning materials.)
We will count up the amount of referrals and announce who the winners are at the end of the program!

What are the BE programs about?

What to do now? SHARE and ENROLL!

Now go out there, help YOU and your friends to develop their 21st century skills while you also stand a chance to win some prizes!

That’s it!

Well, what if your friends didn’t participate quite as much as you thought? Don’t worry! We still have some prizes to reward you for being a committed student in our program! Check out this table: