BE Organized

We know that there are many distractions out there competing for your attention and managing it all is not always a piece of cake. We all have limited time and energy and how wisely we use it makes a huge difference. This course will help you BEcome more organized and teach you how to get things done more efficiently.

Instead of being overwhelmed by your emotions, feelings, relationships, things you need to get done, BEcome a master of your thoughts, feelings and actions. Through this course you will develop useful strategies that will help you navigate the online and offline world, critically evaluate the information, discern right from wrong and BEcome a lifelong learner.

Learning objectives of individual sessions


  • Metacognition
  • Resilience
  • Critical Thinking

Learning objectives of group work

In the BE Organized Action Labs, you will work together in an international team to build a concrete project using Design Thinking while practicing your competencies. The Action Labs give you the opportunity to learn the design thinking methodology, tools and mindsets and use them to solve a meaningful challenge. The Action Labs are inspired by Design Thinking approaches from, IDEO U and Design For Change – blending all approches into a unique journey. Students start with the empathy activities to gain understanding about their challenges, reframe their challenge, ideate about their solutions and create a MVP action they make come true. A full life-cycle of a creative problem solving celebrated by the final pitch.

Design Thinking Process Beyond Education


  • An international community
  • 3 interactive online workshops
  • 4 team workshops
  • Fully designed project
  • 12 individual activities to complete
  • Fully personalized report on your 21st century competencies
  • BONUS: voucher to participate in a next program