BE Organized

Increase your productivity and efficiency
while finding your balance in a digital society.

Program Overview

We know that there are many distractions out there competing for your attention and managing it all is not always a piece of cake. We all have limited time and energy and how wisely we use it makes a huge difference. This course will help you BEcome more organized and teach you how to get things done more efficiently.

Competencies that your student will develop:

soft skills 21st century competencies critical thinking metacognition resilience mindfulness
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Sub-Competencies that your students will learn:

  • Identifying, clarifying, and organizing information
  • Assessing validity and quality of information
  • Applying sound reasoning to decision-making
  • Reflecting on processes, achievements, learning, and/or identity
  • Monitoring comprehension and managing information accordingly
  • Evaluating one’s actions and their consequences
  • Understanding by describing one’s emotions and reactions
  • Building effective habits for regulation of inner experience
  • Adapting flexibly
  • Managing stress and expressing emotions appropriately
  • Reflecting critically on one’s own reasoning and assumptions
  • Persevering through challenges but seeking help when needed

A proven approach

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