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BE Confident

We all have gifts and talents.
Discover yours and feel confident in who you are.

Program Overview

Through workshops, discussion and individual or group work and reflection, this program is designed to help students identify their strengths, interests and passions in order to fulfil their potential. Students will imagine a switch with which where they could light up all their potential. This switch is called mindset- a belief system- the way they look at themselves. Developing a positive belief system will help them a long way in all aspects of their lives. Students will exercise their confidence muscle and get closer to pursuing their goals.

Competencies that your student will develop:

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Sub-Competencies that your students will learn:

  • Attending to one’s body, emotions, and reactions in the present moment
  • Understanding by describing one’s emotions and reactions
  • Cultivating positivity, open-mindedness, patience and compassion
  • Having an affinity for and seeking out novelty
  • Actively pursuing one’s own interests and passions
  • Pursuing ambitious goals despite social, financial, physical or emotional risk to self
  • Standing up for one’s values
  • Understanding one’s current strengths and weaknesses
  • Believing in one’s agency and having high self-efficacy
  • Learning from mistakes and welcoming feedback as a chance to grow
  • Building effective habits for regulation of inner experience
  • Finding joy in learning and becoming a lifelong learner

A proven approach

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