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BE an Entrepreneur

Learn how to spot problems, turn them into opportunities
and create a project or build a business around them.

Program Overview

This program can help students bring their goals and wants into action. If they aren’t certain yet on their projects, we can help them identify one. By working on real problems through project-based, experiential learning, students will learn to identify problems, turn them into opportunities and start a project or build a business around them. Regardless of their future career path, the skills, attitudes and experience they will gain in this course will help them thrive in any aspect of your life.

Competencies that your student will develop:

soft skills 21st century competencies leadership growth mindset resilience creativity
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Sub-Competencies that your students will learn:

  • Determining challenges and setting goals
  • Generating and seeking new ideas
  • Sharing one’s vision and inspiring others
  • Thinking strategically to best utilize resources (people and material)
  • Building strong social networks
  • Realizing ideas while recognizing constraints
  • Being comfortable with risks, uncertainty, and failure
  • Persevering for deeper expertise and understanding
  • Managing stress and expressing emotions appropriately
  • Learning from mistakes and welcoming feedback as a chance to grow
  • Adapting flexibly
  • Believing in one’s agency and having high self-efficacy

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