BE a Teamplayer

Collaborate effectively with a team, solve problems, and bring your dreams into reality with others.

Program Overview

Our lives are not our own; we are bound to others….” David Mitchell. Yes! Whatever we do will have a significant impact on others, and what others do will also have a substantial effect on us. And this is a fantastic thing. This program will help students to gain the necessary skills to be excellent team players. Students have certainly experienced collaboration at school and outside of it. And even though it can sometimes be life-changing and an amazing experience, sometimes it can be messy and complicated. Through this program, students will learn to lead any team and to achieve goals while learning and growing together. They will develop skills to plan, evaluate, and complete their objectives while recognizing all team members and making them feel listened to, respected, and valued.

Competencies that your student will develop:

21st century competencies soft skills leadership communication metacognition collaboration
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Sub-Competencies that your students will learn:

  • Determining goals, plans to achieve those goals, and monitoring one’s progress
  • Utilizing each individual’s unique skills and perspectives
  • Taking and sharing responsibility with others
  • Empathizing with and actively supporting team members
  • Navigating and resolving interpersonal conflict
  • Asking questions and actively listening
  • Clearly and concisely articulating ideas or messages
  • Empathizing with audiences and adapting messages accordingly
  • Respectfully collaborating with others
  • Giving and receiving constructive feedback
  • Reflecting on processes, achievements, learning, and/or identity
  • Evaluating team outcomes and adapting accordingly

A proven approach

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