BE a Leader

Lead any cause or project in a convincing
way and inspire others to take action

Program Overview

Being a leader is not about influencing other people. It is about inspiring others to BE the best version of themselves. This comprehensive leadership program will teach students to lead not only successfully but also ethically and prepare them for the challenges ahead. This program will help students to improve their communication, connection, inspiration, and strategic skills to lead others ethically and with purpose.

Competencies that your student will develop:

soft skills 21st century competencies leadership communication ethics courage
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Sub-Competencies that your students will learn:

  • Clearly and concisely articulating ideas or messages
  • Communicating via multiple modes (digitally, orally, etc.)
  • Empathizing with audiences and adapting messages accordingly
  • Pursuing ambitious goals despite social, financial, physical or emotional risk to self
  • Standing up for one’s values
  • Engaging with others in a vulnerable way
  • Identifying and describing ethical concepts
  • Making ethical decisions and taking ethical actions
  • Managing power ethically
  • Thinking strategically to best utilize resources (people and material)
  • Contributing to the broader group or community
  • Sharing one’s vision and inspiring others

A proven approach

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